Choosing your dining room furniture

We’ll get into our big plans in this post (because the good news is that we think we’re on the brink of confidently making some bigger, more permanent renovations to the space!) – but I also want to take you through some of the recent updates that have helped us make the most of our modestly sized kitchen… many of which we haven’t even shown you yet here on the blog. But first…

Minimalism and spartan living rooms are so yesterday. Maximalism is on the rise, as noticed in living rooms worldwide. You can infuse bright colours that are fun and bold through wall paint, rugs or furnishings. If you want to dip your toes in this trend without making an overt commitment, try using a couple of colours in smaller doses. A bright figurine or a playful tapestry should work just fine for those who still support minimalism.

The year 2022 ushered in pastel shades as the answer to minimalist white, beige and grey living rooms. Pastel colours like peach, blush pink and dull lime green are seeing a resurgence in beautiful modern living rooms. Don’t limit yourself to upholstered couches and pale curtains. You could give your doors a facelift or introduce fun window treatments to inject some personality into your beautiful living room.

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