Bedroom essentials every apartment needs

Choosing your bedroom furniture is possibly the most important decision you will make, aside from the new house itself. You’re in this room for at least a quarter of the day, and each piece of furniture you pick makes a significant impact on your health and mood.

Here is an essential tip to help you narrow down the right linens for your bed. Find a comforter that you fall in love with, and work the rest of the sheets around it. In fact, the blanket you choose is possibly the most crucial item on our bedroom essentials list!

The trick is to find a bedside table with drawers and not much surface area along the top. Otherwise, you’ll find ways to clutter it, which depletes the serenity of your room.

Keep the drawers organized and limit what you can see to the bare essentials. A table lamp, alarm clock, your phone charger, and a glass of water should be enough; everything else can go in a drawer.

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