Photography Workshop – Shooting to Print Big

Wednesday, May 30, 6:00 PM
Jon Mullen Gallery, 1727 Pearl St, Boulder

Framed print of Aspens in Snow hanging on wall.

Want to print bigger photographs with more impact? In this mini-workshop, you’ll learn the techniques behind shooting images that will hold up to serious enlargement.

We’ll talk about how large you can print from common camera types, from phones to DSLR’s, and how to get the best prints possible from the equipment you already own. We’ll also cover camera settings, lens performance, focus precision, vibration mitigation, resolution guidelines, and how to improve your images by thinking about pixel quality rather than quantity. You’ll also find out who in the area can print your photos at scale.

The workshop will be presented by Boulder local photographer Jon Mullen. Mullen’s work has appeared in national and international publications – including Time, The Times of London, The Guardian, Mother Jones, and Outdoor Photographer magazine. He is a contributing photographer to The Wilderness Society, Conservation Colorado, and Wilderness Workshop. For more information, follow jon.mullen on instagram or visit the Jon Mullen Gallery at 1727 Pearl St. in Boulder.

Registration is not required, but attendance may be limited. Register through Eventbrite here to reserve your space.