Success: Introducing the Camp Hale – Continental Divide National Monument

In a significant success for our country’s natural, historical, and economic resources, President Biden has established Camp Hale – Continental Divide as our newest National Monument. This action represents the culmination of a decades-long battle to protect these lands at the center of the CORE Act and formerly the Continental Divide Recreation, Wilderness and Camp Hale Legacy Act. The designation provides permanent protections for the ecology, wildlife, landscapes, and recreation opportunities that draw more visitors here than to any other National Forest.

The designation also preserves the legacy of our nations veterans who trained in the area with the 10th Mountain Division. Returning from WWII, those veterans contributed to the establishment of more than 60 ski areas, spurring the modern outdoor recreation movement, now the largest driver of Colorado’s economy.

Read the full text of the declaration here.

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The Colorado Wildlands Project

Millions of acres of public lands on the Colorado Plateau are administered by the Bureau of Land Management, but only eight percent of that is permanently protected through conservation designations. As critical pieces in the puzzle of climate adaptation and ecosystem resilience, the newly-launched Colorado Wildlands Project is working to protect these underrepresented places. From sandstone canyons to soaring 14,000 foot peaks, these public lands represent some of the most diverse and remote locations in the state.

With the support of The Colorado Wildlands Project and Wilderness Workshop, I’m excited to be able to spend this year photographing and advocating for these incredible and often forgotten landscapes.

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Ecostock Now Has Its Own Home

The stock library is all grown up and has moved out on its own. You can now find this resource at ecostock.org. If you had an account for the stock library on jonmullen.com, your login will now work on the ecostock.org site.

Ecostock is the definitive library of stock photos and imagery for conservation use. This first-of-its-kind collection is made available by Jon Mullen free of charge to organizations working to protect our environment and public lands. The catalog is searchable by conservation issue, management agency, county, land use type, and more. Provided GPS coordinates and location maps allow you to select images for your campaign with confidence.

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