Wildflowers Growing Through Fieldhouse Floorboards, Camp Hale

Aster grows through the fallen floorboards of the former fieldhouse at Camp Hale, high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  Camp Hale served as the home of the storied 10th Mountain Division, throughout World War II.  The site and surrounding areas will be proposed for protection under the Continental Divide Wilderness and Recreation Act when it is reintroduced to Congress in January 2017.

Single-edition print.  Signed and numbered 1 of 1.

Print Size: 16″ x 24″
Framed Size: 23″ x 31″

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About The Continental Divide Wilderness and Recreation Act

Developed in collaboration with hundreds of stakeholder groups and input from thousands of citizens, the Continental Divide Wilderness and Recreation Act seeks to preserve 58,000 acres in Summit and Eagle Counties. Nearly 40,000 acres of of this would be designated as wilderness, ensuring the health and preservation of some of Colorado’s most spectacular peaks and forests in perpetuity.

Wildflowers Growing Through Fieldhouse Floorboards - Camp Hale

About the Single Edition Prints

Jon Mullen photographs our threatened public lands and wild places, free of charge, on behalf of the organizations working to protect them.  This critical work is funded entirely through the sale of the prints you see here. To honor the fragile existence of these wild places, reduce impact on natural resources and ensure enduring value for supporters and collectors, editions of photographs taken in these threatened places are limited to a single print. Each print is signed by the artist and marked “1 of 1” in the lower left corner of the mat.