Sunrise on Twin Peaks, Thompson Divide

The sun peeks over the edge of a wildflower-filled meadow near the eastern summit of Twin Peaks on Colorado’s Thompson Divide.  The iconic Mt. Sopris is prominently featured at the center of the image.  The Elk Mountains are just beginning to catch light in the distance, with Capitol Peak and Snowmass Mountain rising highest above the range.

Single-edition print.  Signed and numbered 1 of 1.

Print Size: 36″ x 12″
Framed Size: 43″ x 19″

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About The Thompson Divide

Colorado’s Thompson Divide is a sliver of sanctuary between the densely populated Roaring Fork Valley to the east and the heavily drilled Piceance basin to the west.  At the height of “Drill Here, Drill Now” fever, the Bureau of Land Management bypassed the required environmental review and notification of local governments, illegally issuing 65 oil and gas leases on the Divide.

In August of 2016, after a decade-long battle by farmers, ranchers, conservation groups, the outdoor industry and thousands of committed individuals in the community, the Bureau of Land Management announced its intention to cancel 25 of the leases in the Thompson Divide.  While an important step forward, the remaining leases leave nearly 50,000 acres of pristine forests, meadows and watersheds threatened by the impacts of oil and gas development.

Sunrise on the Thompson Divide

About the Location

The Twin Peaks area, including the meadow in the foreground, is currently leased for oil production as unit COC 0007497.

Sunrise on the Thompson Divide

Sunset on the Thompson Divide - Details

About the Single Edition Prints

Jon Mullen photographs our threatened public lands and wild places, free of charge, on behalf of the organizations working to protect them.  This critical work is funded entirely through the sale of the prints you see here. To honor the fragile existence of these wild places, reduce impact on natural resources and ensure enduring value for supporters and collectors, editions of photographs taken in these threatened places are limited to a single print. Each print is signed by the artist and marked “1 of 1” in the lower left corner of the mat.